Allergen information

Allergen information

allergens statement and guidance

 As a family business, it really worries us that somebody with a severe allergy may become ill from eating food purchased from one of our stores. We would never forgive ourselves if one of our customers or colleagues became seriously ill. 

Therefore we follow the guidance set out by the Food Standards Agency and take it very serious.  As a result the allergens statement and information has always been available in store and on our website, with regards to each menu item that we serve. While constantly working with our suppliers to review their products and ensure that each product we source has been product tested for allergens. We take the sourcing of all of our products seriously which is why we only work with suppliers that we trust and know have robust health & safety practices in place. 

The majority of our food is prepared fresh in store every day, and this means that whilst we try our very best to ensure that no cross contamination takes place with regards to allergens, mistakes can happen. It would be untrue and wrong of us to state that we can ensure that our products are 100% allergen free. Or indeed have not come into contact in some way, with products that have different allergens.

We would be utterly devastated and horrified if anything was to happen to anybody who ate something that they had a serious reaction to. We understand how frustrating this is for people who suffer from allergic reactions when eating specific types of food but we really just want to be honest with people to ensure they know the full picture to ensure that they make a considered decision as whether to buy products from us. 
Your safety, and the safety of our colleagues, is paramount to us which is why we feel it is only right to explain how our allergens are managed and why we can never 100% guarantee that our products are allergen free or, have not come into contact with another product that has different allergens. 

If you would like to discuss our allergens statement and guidance in further detail, or understand how we manage allergens in our business. Please get in touch we will be more than happy to help you.

We would kindly ask that if you have a very serious reaction to any food allergens that you seriously consider whether or not purchasing food from one of our stores is the safe thing to do.

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