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We can offer Event Catering 

for your Wedding or Office Party


If you’re having a party or a great big event like a wedding then let us give you a helping hand. Let us do the catering so you can get on with enjoying yourself! What could be better than piping hot cod, haddock, chicken and sausages delivered ready to eat to your event and then all the mess cleared up afterwards….


Your kids party or family gathering to a large fundraiser, corporate event, event a wedding. We can cater for all!

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Want to make it a bit more you?

Whatever the occasion, we can design & print a newspaper wrap, personalised for you!


Choose from our event catering menu, if you’re having a wedding, party or great big event. Let us give you a helping hand with the catering. Looking for a stress free, delicious, fun and memorable wedding breakfast option that won’t break the bank? We’ve got you covered, authentic fish and chip shop taste, from our wedding event catering party menu and deliver directly from our store.

As the ultimate fish and chip geeks, our family has been cooking it since 1923 and we’ve been national award winners twice in the past few years. There’s nothing about fish and chips that we don’t know so you know your guests will be eating a truly memorable meal. Our family recipe crispy golden batter is the stuff of legends!

Let us supply award-winning fish and chip suppers directly to your wedding venue. No kitchen facilities required, no tidying up needed, no waiting in line for the food truck. We can deliver individually wrapped piping hot meals, each wrapped in an environmentally biodegradable box, with cutlery, salt & vinegar, face wipe and napkin. With the option to even personalise it just for you. We can design and print a newspaper wrap personalised to you and your partner, with pictures and headlines about your lives together, so every meal comes wrapped in your love story!

Let us take care of you

Our staff will even clear and take away all the mess and rubbish afterwards so that you don’t have to. You can get on with enjoying yourselves and we’ll take care of everything.

Above all as a company we pride ourselves on living by the highest standards. Therefore all our fish is sourced from sustainable sources, by 4 vessels in Iceland who catch to our specific requirements; we can trace every fish back to source. Our pork and chickens are both sourced from Red Tractor approved farms in the UK. Most importantly our chips are prepared freshly in store everyday, with seasonal potatoes from local farms in addition all our packaging is made from recyclable material which is also fully recyclable. 

From £8 per head, we can deliver to venues with 10 miles of our shops. We use heat retaining boxes therefore ensuring the food is delivered in tip top condition.  Please contact us to check that venue is covered

How to order

Simply email us your order, including your contact details and the time and place of your event or give us a call.

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