Here are our our Churchills current vacancies, we're looking for great people to join our team! Really blow your socks off brilliant people. We like to help our teams achieve their dreams so we have great training, great opportunities, great pay and a great deal of fun!

If you would like to apply for one of our roles please email us your CV & contact details:

Churchills Managers


As part of the Management Team, you will have a variety of different roles to play, but ultimately you are responsible for the day-to-day running of your stores. That includes the finances and budgets as well as people management and development.


As an integral part of our Management Team you will be responsible for running the store on the particular days that you are “the boss”. This will include motivating and leading your team, food preparation and cooking, delivering WOW customer service and being the gatekeeper for all that we believe in.

Churchills Assistant Managers
Churchills Current Vacancies - Trainee Assistant Managers


All Trainee Assistant Managers will undertake our bespoke Key Stage 1 training modules, as well as our extensive online ‘Upskills’ training. As part of our Management Development initiative, we will support you through our external training providers to ensure that we are providing you with the tools in order for you to excel as part of the Management Team and be the best you can be.


As a Sunday Fryer you will be responsible for the operation of the store on a Sunday as well as undergoing various team member shifts during the week. Full training will be provided, including an 8 week in-house programme. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience and knowledge within the Churchill’s brand.

Churchills Current Vacancies - Sunday Fryer
Churchills Current Vacancies - Team Members


Our Team Members are the chips to our fish, the salt to our vinegar. Without their hard work, smiles and energy we would not be who we are today. A Team Member’s role is never the same day to day and is a great way to learn about customer service, have fun and get to know what lovely people we are.